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"Why  fit in when you were born to stand out."  --Dr. Seuss--


Destiny Goss

Destiny loved life and was always excited to try new things. She loved her mom, Christy, brother Alex, and her dad, Jody. Destiny loved painting her nails, watching movies, & traveling. She loved CSI and even got to meet the cast on her Make A Wish trip to California. Destiny always had a smile of her face and always wanted to make you laugh.

Destiny had a kidney transplant at the age of 5, her dad was her hero and donated a kidney to her. She lived a life of being at home a lot because of complications because of health issues. When she was about 12 years old her dad passed away. Soon after Destiny became sick again and her kidney started shutting down and other health issues arose. And at the age of 18 Destiny passed away. She wanted to go to college and do all the things that young people of her age did.

Because of Destiny wanting to go to College we wanted to share her story and help others go to college and pursue their dreams. 

 As Destiny would always tell me

"Go out and make your dreams a reality".

At our National Pageant we award 3 scholarships.  The first two are awarded to the National & National Sweetheart Queens in the MISS Division.  The third scholarship is awarded to the contestant who raises the most funds towards the scholarship fund.   All rules and regulations for the scholarship are posted in the Queens/Kings Handbook.

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